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The New Era of Hospitality with Mbshr

This contactless QR-based digital menu management software for restaurants or Cafes will change the face of your business by increasing your sales and reducing the costs in a way you didn't imagine by revolutionising the job of waiters and how your clients interact with them.

Trusted by top chef restaurants in the GCC

We have succeeded in delivering the best results that leading brands aim for with ease and reliability

Automate every process in your restaurant with our Digital Menu Management System that serves it all.


Numbers don't lie!

Actually, they show how efficient we are









How does Mbshr work?


Customers scan the QR code on their table with their phones to access the restaurant's online menu.


The customer selects the orders they have chosen from the electronic menu with the click of a button. The orders are sent directly to the waiter's watch in charge of the table to be processed immediately.


When placing an order or before leaving, the customer chooses the appropriate payment method for them, cash or another payment method.

People’s Opinions

Are We Liked?

Mbshr system is of great value to restaurants and cafes, as it enables us to reduce the number of staff.

Hossam Hassan

Operation Manager

Great customer services, they give attention to details and deliver within a timeline.

Fadi Rahal

Marketing Manager

Great customer services as they are very approachable and quick, they provide 24/7 hours support.

Youssef Milad

F&B Operation Manager

Double the profit, half the trouble with Mbshr

Try modern AI solutions, streamline ordering processes, know your guests more, and market your brand better. Give it a try, it doesn’t hurt! We guarantee you that business before Mbshr is not like what was before.

Mbshr's advanced AI assistant improves your guests' experience and makes it easier and more enjoyable with attractive solutions, at the lowest possible costs.

Your business is an investment, not an opportunity: let's invest together to grow your business.

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